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  • What batteries do I need for the minibus?

    AAA type batteries

  • Are batteries included with the minibus/Nixie clock?

    No, the batteries are not included in the package.

  • How long does the assembly take?

    Approx.: minibus - 3hours, clock - 1-2 hours, map - 1-2 hours

  • How bright is the light on the trinkets? Can I use it a flashlight in the dark?

    It can't replace a proper flashlight, but it surely help when looking for keys in a purse.

  • Aren't the earings too heavy with the battery in them?

    No, little flat batteries that are used in them are very light. The earrings have ? grams

  • Will I be able to assemble these, even if I'm not manually skilled?

    Yes, everyone can do it, just follow the manual.

  • Will I be able to assemble the minibus/clock even I don't understand electronics?

    Yes, we have a detailed instructions showing every step.

  • Is it dangerous?

    No, the voltage used for the kits is very low.

  • Do I need any tools for the assembly kits?

    No, everything can be snapped and place together by hand.

  • What if I'll have difficulties with the assembly?

    Take a look at our tutorials with detailed instructions, and if that won't help, contact our customer support.

  • Are the assembly kits safe for children?

    RC minibus, world map and jewelry are safe from 8 years, and the Nixie clock is from 14 years.

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