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  • Noble materials Noble materials
  • Unique design & technologies Unique design & technologies
  • Fun only starts when building Fun only starts when building
  • Decoration with a practicle purpose Decoration with a practicle purpose


Nixie clock uses digitron technology. Dials are made from glass tubes, and each of the tubes has a wire grid that serves as the anode, and number symbols that are used as the cathode. Tubes are filled with a noble gas, most commonly with neon, which gives the tube their significant orange glow.

  • Beauty of old technologies

    This technology enjoyed its biggest boom in the seventies. Using them today is more of a rarity.

  • Place them anywhere you wish

    There are two ways how you can use this clock. You can either place them on your table, or they can be wall mounted. So from just a handfull of PCBs, you can make stylish and useful interior decoration.

Wall mounted world map

Decoration piece for interior, which creases a pleasant atmosphere with its back light. The map shows continents in the night, and light shining through the holes represent the population density.

  • Energy for the map

    The map is assembled from separate continets, and are clicked together. Each continent has a connector for battery and LED diodes on the back side, which light up city dots and edges of the map.

  • Pick a place for your world

    Map uses simple mounting mechanism using magnets that are placed on the back side of the map, and adhesive metal plates.

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