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  • Fun only starts when building Fun only starts when building
  • No need for tools or glue No need for tools or glue
  • Modifiable looks of the kit Modifiable looks of the kit
  • Enducation for the whole family Enducation for the whole family
  • Made out of matel and fiberglass Made out of matel and fiberglass


This laminate model was inspired by the VW Transporter that first saw the light of day some 60 years ago. Its characteristic curves are achieved by kerf cuts in the laminate boards, and after inserting batteries, it becomes a fully functional RC Minibus.

  • Assembly kit comes in flat boards, from which the components are cut. Zoom
  • Boards are in several colors. Components of one board are always the same color. Zoom
  • Whole assembly is made from laminate parts, and some small parts of varying materials. Zoom


Chassis of the car doubles as the main electronics board. Both motors and batteries are connected to it. The Minibus is then controlled remotely.

  • Easy to remove parts

    Thanks to tiny holes in the tabs, every part is easyto remove from the board.

  • Connecting the parts

    Parts are put together using slots and protrusions. Some of the parts have metal plating on the joining parts to ensure electrical contact.

Build the famous Minibus



  • Czech startup 3Dsimo reveals other treasures under the Noyce Joyce brand, which is absolutely unique in the world. Thanks to exceptional ideas and innovations, it will certainly be a faithful companion for all enthusiasts of unusual kits and accessories, whether for themselves or which will decorate their home.

  • Team of Prague inventors from 3Dsimo brings new works to the world, with which you will be able to assemble, for example, a minibus, a remarkable clock or even make your wardrobe special with a very nice-looking brooch, all under the auspices of the Noyce Joyce brand.

  • Would you like a distinctive clock on the bedside table? Or would you prefer a glowing necklace that will amaze your loved ones? This and much more can be offered by the repertoire of the brand Noyce Joyce, a newborn child of the now successful startup 3Dsimo.